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Golden rules to follow::
  • Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

  • Remove elements that are not needed

  • Decide where your focal point is. Create a story. Think of questions like, what do I want the viewer to see first? How to I want to walk the viewer through the picture? 

  • Ask for a ladder - when you want to include more than one dish in the picture

  • Feel the experience from the diners perspective

  • Add a human element - gives a sense of scale and allows for emotional connection 

  • Digital zoom - artificial zoom - less high quality photo - avoid zoom

  • Optical zoom - better but not wide enough on phones. More used by lenses on DSLR cameras. 

  • ISO - Digital sensor size (replaced film that was made for shooting in different light conditions)

  • Shutter - How hast or slow the curtain inside a SLR moves

  • Aperture - The size of the opening in the lens. Not applicable to most phone cameras as they have fixed aperture.

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