International Women’s Day:An interview with Dr. Iroshini Chua

March 8, 2020

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To commemorate International Women’s Day 2020 we speak to a woman who understands beauty. An award-winning doctor, she dabbles with jewellery designing, writing, photography and philanthropy. Despite her many accolades she remains grounded and compassionate. Here we catch up with Dr. Iroshini Chua and ask her how she balances equality in her life.


International Women’s Day 2020 theme is #EachforEqual, what does equality look like in your work and personal life?


At work my husband and I share the workload. There are requests to see a female doctor as much as there are requests to see a male doctor. In my personal life, I embrace being a woman, a mother, a daughter and all the responsibilities that it entails. I feel in my personal life, I have equal footing too.


Why did you choose to become a doctor?


I chose to become a doctor to serve people and to be in a position to alleviate discomfort. Based on your own experience, what is the one advice you would give a young girl who dreams to be a doctor. Being a doctor is much more than being book smart. It’s a lifetime of commitment, good communication, empathy and teamwork.


Do you think “beauty” and “strength” are conflicting ideas?


Not at all! It takes strength to be confident in yourself and the beauty you see within. Strong women are beautiful!


You founded your aesthetics clinic Dr Kevin Chua Medial & Aesthetics; your definition of beauty is...


Beauty is beyond outward appearance. It’s being confident in your own body and treating others with care and kindness. My mother used to say, “you are as beautiful as you behave.”


What is the one biggest challenge you have encountered? How has that made you stronger?


My biggest challenge has been to accept that some things are beyond my control. “Let go and let God!”


We would love to know a female figure who inspires Dr. Iroshini Chua and why?


My mother-in-law. She is actively involved in the lives of those around her to make it that much better irrespective of her busy schedule as a family physician.


What are you most proud of?


Our kids. They are sensible, well-mannered, kind, intelligent and beautiful.


In your opinion, how do you think women can uplift each other more?


By sharing about their growth and being supportive of each other.


More about the series:

Concept design, styling, photography by Styleography. The concept for the shoot was to reflect these leaders in dermatology as game-changers in the world of aesthetics. Taking the #EachforEqual further, the visuals interplay their personalities in a portrayal of Dr. Iroshini power-complimenting Dr. Kevin.


Concept design: Styleography

Stylist: Vrinda L Seth

Photographer: Charu Shah

Hair and makeup: Benji Oo

Dr. Kevin Chua Medical and Aesthetics





















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