Is balancing elements in food styling important? Read to find out.

February 11, 2020

A painting done by an ex student of my daughters school incited a conversation about rules of design. I found myself telling her how I will never forget one advice my lecturer gave our class. He said that the most important thing we needed to do was to learn the rules of design and photography. Only if we knew the rules we would be able to successfully bend them. 

In my initial experiments, I used to use each rule separately and apply it to different structures of design. To see how and why it worked or not. Then came the use of multiple rules in a single graphic. How type could be juxtaposed with an image or how multiple elements in a photograph could be used to achieve symmetry and balance. 

Through out all these experiments I learnt that when different aspects of a graphic or photo command equal attention then there is balance. This includes negative space. Often this is the element that creates balance. It's what forces the viewers attention to a particular part of the photo and then begin their journey to explore it. 

This series of images of the roselle rasam and turmeric noodles is where you can see negative space used to balance the image. The concept of balance is taken a step further in the colours, props and food. I love conceptualising stories like these because they are a fusion of many element.

This dish, the perfect immunity booster, is a brain child of Chef Sowmiya Venkatesan. She can be found on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn @Sowmiya.Venkatesan.SG. Click here for the recipe 









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